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Wood Shop

The woodshop is currently just under 600 sq-ft of space and includes a full collection of wood working machines with a centralized dust collection system.  Here's a list of the large tools...

  • Table saw (Craftsman) with outfeed table

  • CNC Router (Inventables XCarve Pro 48" x 48")

  • 14" Band saws (Delta and Craftsman)

  • 6" Oscillating belt sander (Jet)

  • Wide belt drum sander (Jet)

  • 13" Planer (Dewalt)

  • 8" Joiner

  • 12" compound sliding miter saw

  • Floor-standing Drill press

  • Several router/shaper table

  • Several oscillating spindle sanders

  • Mortising machine

  • Several lathes

  • Jig/scroll saws

The shop also contains many smaller power tools and hand tools...

  • A variety of palm, pad, and belt sanders

  • Many routers, and drills

  • Chisels, clamps, bits, staplers, rulers, etc...

Bottom line is it's a well-equipped shop, and we're always looking to expand the collection! 

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